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It's always a challenge for parents when it comes to buying clothes for their babies. Your baby's clothes barely last you more than two months because your child would outgrow the clothing you purchased, and they grow fast. Instead of throwing them away, you could sell your used babies apparel on Carousell to avoid the waste. The community of parents in Carousell actively sell away their children's clothes. It's another way of recycling and extending the life of your baby's apparel because other parents might need what you're selling. So, if you're looking for baby clothes online in Malaysia, Carousell's your destination of choice. You can find a wide range of babies apparel in our marketplace. The community of Carousellers sells baby clothes, and you can buy things like a baby dress, baby rompers and even a baby onesie. Baby shoes are also a favourite item amongst the parents on Carousell. Like clothes, your baby's shoes don't last long. Their feet grow with each passing month, and you'll end up with a pile of unused baby shoes. The popular options you can find in our marketplace are Nike baby shoes, Adidas baby shoes and Melissa baby shoes. If shoes are too ordinary for you, you could buy your child a pair of baby booties to add that extra cute factor. Complete the baby footwear set with a selection of baby socks. Another item in the category of babies apparel is a baby diaper. It's something every baby needs. While diapers can get expensive, Carousell offers a better price and a wide selection for you to choose. The more prominent brands of baby diapers in Malaysia are Mamypoko, Pampers and Huggies. You can even find Huggies swim diapers on Carousell if your children love bathing in the pool.