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To create a good first impression, we have to pay attention to our personal grooming. One of the aspects of personal grooming is nail grooming. Nail care and manicure have been around for about 5000 years, which means it is important to take care of our nails. We tend to overlook nails when we do our personal grooming. Well-groomed nails show that you pay attention to details. Neat and clean nails make you look polished even when you haven’t done your make up. Getting a manicure or pedicure at the salon can be pricey, so why not do it your own with only a fraction of the price? Carousell is the right place if you are looking for nail care and nail grooming products! The French manicure is a perfect choice for ladies who like minimalist designs. It is easy to apply, and looks classic yet attractive. If you prefer fancier nail art designs to suit your personality and taste, then go wild and adventurous with rhinestone nail air and studs, or be funky with leopard prints. Look feminine and dainty with floral patterns. We have so many designs you can choose form to make sure it suits your style! If you are still working on your self-application skill, try our high quality nail polish from famous brands like OPI, 3CE, China Glaze, and more. These nail polishes glide on your nails smoothly and easily, making it easy for you to apply with a perfect finish. Worry not about making mistakes during the application as Carousell also offers correction pens that easily remove excess nail polish – no fuss! If you are already a pro, browse our acrylic powder and drying UV lamp to create your own acrylic or gel nails in your home. Where to start then? Check some of Carousell’s most wanted nail products such as the Hello Kity Manicure Sets, INAI RED CHILLIE, or our Nail Clipper now! Buy Perfume for Men & Women There are other things to consider when you are about to completing your look for the day. There is jewelry, watches, or other accessiories, but aside of these things, perfume is absolutely important too! Perfume is important for both men and women. For men, creating a scent that not only matches your outfit but also your personality is a thing to consider. A carefully selected fragrance completes the sharp looking attire. Perfume can also be a special kind of attraction to women! Everyone knows that how a man smells is the most essential feature in determining whether a woman is attracted to him. When it comes to first attraction, your smell is more important to women than the look of your abs, weight, height, or your income. It is important to ensure that you smell nice if you are trying to impress a woman. Fragrances are extracted from natural essential oils that can be used on your skin or clothing. Men should consider perfume as an invisible accessory. The topic is so complex that it is studied for years. It is not only about the beauty products, but also the fashion, chemistry, and social trends. Since the beginning of time in human history, humans have tried to enhance their body odor by using fragrances that emulate nature’s smells. There are a lot of man-made materials used to make perfume to be applied to clothing or the skin, to put in cosmetics and cleaners, or just to scent the air we are breathing. What is the relationship between fragrances and women? It is the same important for women as it is important for men: fragrances impart a pleasant smell to women’s body or clothes. Women love perfume, another word commonly used for fragrances, and consider them a prized accessory. It is not complete to have a fabulous designer’s bags, clutches, dresses, make up, without the presence of perfume. Every woman wants to be praised and adored. One of the ways of being adored by people is having a good smell. People love to be around a woman with a nice smell, as it attracts them to stay close just because of the smell. Everyone knows that a woman’s smell is also one of the most important feature in attracting the opposite gender. Men use many natural and artificial materials in order to create perfume that can be applied directly to the skin or on clothing, cosmetics, or to scent the air. Worry not, even when you use the same perfume with another person, the smell will not be the same because of the differences in body temperature, body chemistry, and body odors. Women cannot be separated with fashion and style. Most women believe that a good perfume is necessary to suit their stylish outfit in order to make the best impression when they meet others. A good perfume will make women feel sophisticated and attractive. A woman can only be happy with a couple of bottles of fragrances in her possession, finding life enormously enhanced by the pleasure of aromas: smelling the sharp scent of a freshly mown lawn, smelling the caramel in fresh ripe tomatoes, and recognizing the smell on a stranger she meets. Nowadays, modern perfume manufacturers usually create a scent that suits everyone since they use various combinations to produce different kind of scents. This is the reason why choosing a perfume to add to your possession can be very exciting. If you are shopping for perfume over the Internet in Malaysia, you should be looking for only the best perfumes available in Malaysia here on Carousell. We have all the fragrances you need from famous brands like Calvin Klein, Dior, or Gucci, to homemade fresh fragrances with great prices and deals here on Carousell Malaysia. Get your latest and most popular fragrances with the best prices!

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