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Buy and Sell Skin/Hair Care, Makeup & Perfumes Online | Carousell Malaysia

Buy & sell skin, bath & body, hair care, makeup, men's grooming, perfumes, nail care online! Get great deals or sell the things you don't want with Carousell Malaysia.


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Shop Health and Beauty Products with The Best Price

Everyone knows that taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health will lead to a happier and longer life. However, to make it a priority is sometimes challenging. If you are trying to follow a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of your life, Carousell has all the products and tools that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. You don’t need your monthly gym membership that drains your pocket. Instead, create your own personal gym at your home by shopping from Carousell’s wide collection of exercise equipment. Whether you are doing aerobics such as pilates and yoga to improve you strength and flexibility, aiming for total body workouts to tone your muscles, or doing cardio like running on treadmills to reach your ideal body, Carousell has got all the exercise equipment that you need to help your accomplish your goals, all with prices below the stores in the malls! Add vitamins and supplements to your daily food intake to boost your health and stamina. Vitamins and supplements will help maintain your cholesterol, boost your cardiovascular system and immune system, and help your digestive health. Support your daily health care routine with the abundant selection of personal care products here on Carousell, such as air purifiers, health monitors, humidifiers, self-development books, massagers, and more. You will find everything that you need to start a healthy lifestyle and boost your well-being on Carousell with the most pocket-friendly prices. Benefits of Using Natural Health and Beauty Products When you are accustomed to the ways you usually do things, you might not be able to see why you need to change your routine. However, once you understand and compare the benefits of using natural health and beauty products here on Carousell to the way you used to care for your health and beauty, you will see why you want to adopt a new lifestyle and start using natural health and beauty products that will make you feel great and look good. Earth-Friendly Conventionally produced products have a negative impact for the environment. The chemical-heavy health and beauty products’ byproducts are discarded to the air and water during the manufacturing process, and more harmful chemicals go down your drain when you use them. However, ingredients for natural health and beauty products are manufactured organically, with fewer chemicals that harm the Earth. Avoid Irritation Artificial colors, chemicals, and fillers in a lot of skin care products and make up will cause irritation, redness, and breakouts. Here on Carousell we provide natural make up and skin care products that will work with your skin, and not cause trouble to it instead. Save Your Nose Artificial fragrances are used to cover the smell of chemicals in conventional health and beauty products. It means you are using a product with chemical to cover up other chemicals, and no wonder many people suffer headache from it. Natural health and beauty products that we offer here on Carousell smell like natural ingredients instead of chemicals. They are scented with natural essential oils to provide aromatherapy. No Strange Side Effects Conventionally manufactured health and beauty products use parabens as a preservative to extend the expiry date. Parabens are synthetic and they mimic your body’s natural hormones. People worry that parabens will alter the functions of the endocrine system in your body. Artificial ingredients like this may help preserve the product, but how many negative side effects will your body take up when you use such products? Use natural health and beauty products instead. On Carousell, our natural health and beauty products contain natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract that has no negative effect on your body. Some people might have allergies to some natural ingredients, however, the effects are more understood than the ones from harmful chemicals. Gentler Over Time Natural products from Carousell work better than other products because they do not have unnecessary irritants and chemicals in them. While some unnatural products seem to work faster for the first try, in the long run, the harmful chemicals actually cause more damage than it does bring you the benefits.

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