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Buy New & Used Men's Clothes | Carousell

Buy & sell new and preloved men's clothes and more! Get great deals on your favourite brands or sell the things you no longer need with Carousell.


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They say a man look is at its best when matched with proper clothes. Doesn’t matter if it’s formal or not, casual attires can deliver such mannish and sharpness guise. Attire for men are not as complicated as clothing for women. There are only small number of apparels to choose from tops to shoes and surprisingly, fashion also influenced the looks and designs of traditional attires for men. From polo shirts, and parka jackets to trousers and shorts, everything that goes in between can be regarded as men’s clothing. The design and colors definitely play a big role, for both women and men. Most men tend to choose neutral colors, such as grey, white, black or brown. Most men choose these colors due to the simplicity and they are easy to match with all other colors. Men also find bright colors little too fancy, and it takes so much courage for them to go with bright colors such as pink and orange. Clothes have never been out of the line when in talk of fashion, and sales. That’s why there are so many designs, types and brands of these product on the market today so picking and choosing the ideal one for you can be so daunting! Besides the brands and colors, designs are a thing to consider too. Men’s designs nowadays are simple and plain with simple text or pattern. Whatever your fashion style is, carry it with confidence and choose style that matches your personality. Shop Men Clothing Online At Carousell People say that our clothes define ourselves- and it’s true! Everyone desired to be fashionable and look good; and Carousell believe that everyone should have an easy access to fashionable clothes and proper menswear. Actually, it doesn’t take much to look good. All you need is a wardrobe of two or three basic outfits that can pair well with each other and you’re good to go. When it comes to men clothing, Carousell provides a wide range of options for you to choose. For casual day out, you can choose basic solid colored shirt and mix it with casual chinos or a pair of classic fit denim jeans. For special occasions, we offer wide range of dress shirts, blazers, sleek black trousers and jackets which definitely will step-up your looks. Put up your smart casual wear by mixing pattern printed button up shirt collection with patterned trouser to stand out from the rest. Whatever your style for the day, make sure to choose your outfit from Carousell. Carousell is a one-stop shopping store for men fashion. Shopping will only get easier as there’s always the newest trend to look into. Hottest men’s top fashion nowadays include bespoke well fitted suits to playing it casual with denim shorts or leather jacket and a statement tee for an effortless street style chic vibe. Top it off with a hint of texture by adding pieces such as a suede outerwear or shirts. Carousell brings in only products which are both comfortable and trendy so it’ll be worth the splurge! At Carousell, you can find various types of men’s fashion clothes here – Korean, European or American fashion; there’s a style for every personality! Suit up and look dapper with a slim fit blazer or get sporty with a Korean style baseball collar coat. Shop Now! If you’re into the casual style, you will find all sorts of casual menswear here in Carousell. You can rock the street style without sacrificing your comfort. If you plan to take a visit to the beach, you can dress down, kick back, and relax in a pair of casual sports beach shorts. Choose from tank-tops to T-shirts, long sleeve shirts to dry-fit shirts. If you are in need of office wear, you can choose dress shirts or button up shirts here at Carousell. Start browse now! There are so much option to discover when you shop with Carousell How to Buy Big and Tall Clothes for Men One of the best thing you can do for someone you care about is to buy them clothes! It’s best to know when buying clothes is their exact size. If you're buying for yourself, you also need to make sure your clothes fits well. Below are some tips in choosing clothing items for both big and tall men: Waist - When measuring your waist for pants, shorts or other bottoms and belts, make sure to measure around the area where you normally wear your pants, which may be slightly higher or lower than where your natural waistline may be. Chest – If you want to measure your exact chest size, stand normally take normal breath while wrapping the tape measure around the top of your chest, slightly underneath your armpits. Neck – This one you might need the help from other people. Allow them to wrap the measuring tape around your neck, allow at least an extra half-inch to the measurement you make to avoid a too tight collar. Put the measuring tape below your Adam's apple in the area where your shirt collar would normally be. Sleeve - This is one of the simplest measurements to take. You will need long sleeve shirt or coat at winter time. Put the measure tape from the center of your shoulder joint to the edge of your wrist bone. Inseam - This information is suitable for all long pants you might want to buy, including a suit pants or khakis. You might also need help from someone. You will need to stand straight, tell your friend to measure one of your legs on the inner part from the end of your crotch area to the center of your ankle bone.

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