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Buy New & Used Muslimah Bottoms | Carousell Malaysia

Buy & sell new and preloved muslimah bottoms and more! Get great deals on your favourite brands or sell the things you no longer need with Carousell.


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Buy Muslimah Bottoms For Women At Carousell Malaysia

At Carousell, our Muslimah bottoms are given modern touch by fashion designers and thanks to them, now there is a variety to choose from. Carousell offers a massive collection of cheap bottoms for Hijabista to choose such as maxi skirt that comes with high quality standards offered and good price too. In a multi-racial country like Malaysia the fashion scene has changed dynamically. Carousell is here to help them dress elegantly without having to empty their pockets. One of the most favorite clothes for young women is a Skirt labuh. Labuh skirts are not only one of the most flattering and comfortable skirts to wear but they are also surprisingly versatile. Skirt labuh is becoming a favourite for young hijabis because it can be easily paired with Muslimah tops or blouse to create a modern stylish look with the combination of contemporary Muslimah wear. Cotton skirt labuh can strikes a balance between casual and glamorous making it the top of the list for every young hijabista. This closet staple could work all year-round and purchasing good clothes is like making a good investment to as it can be worn for unlimited time. Check out our best selection of Muslimah skirts only at Carousell. We offer not only the best skirt with good qualities from top and famous brands in Malaysia, but we also offer the best skirt labuh on sale at cheap price! Other than that, we also offer plenty information on how to style your maxi skirt Muslimah in a more sophisticated manner. When it comes to how to wear muslimah skirt stylishly, it is actually all about balancing out the skirt’s volume with structured and tailored lines. For an instantly polished look, try to mix a skirt with your choice of Muslimah tops such as a blazer, cardigan or jacket. Or, you can try a cropped style to help balancing out the length of your skirt. If you are into feminine and chic look, try styling a pleated long skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt and put a finishing touch with a pair of ballerina flats and a clutch. Get your favourite look today on Carousell with an amazing price. Shop New & Preloved Muslimah Skirt with Great Price Top up your look with a mermaid skirt and a pair of platform shoes to create glamour to your outfit. Long mermaid skirts are perfectly, and effortlessly matched with footwear such as ballerina flats and sandals to create a more casual style. On the other hand, if you match a pair of high heels with preferred tops such as blouse and collared shirts and latest mermaid skirt pattern, will definitely create a chic look. Carousell offers plenty of Mermaid skirt with variety of size and color, so start browse now! As the most rising website for new and preloved product in Malaysia, Carousell possess a huge collection of mermaid skirt and our customer love the skirt mermaid because we only offer the best quality at amazing price. Purchasing product from famous international and local brands only at Carousell. Enjoy amazing deals and discounts with the best quality product. Buy affordable Muslimah Skirts & Pants Only At Carousell Don’t we all agree, that maxi dresses are a Muslim girl’s best friend? Of course! But there are times when you don’t feel like wearing a long dress, especially in the winter. To find a long tops can be tricky sometimes, as usually they tend to be short and sit above the hips. What should be the solution? A short dress! Short dresses are meant to show off your legs, but there’s no reason you can’t wear them with pants as a top. Their short length is the right length to be a long top for modest dressing girls. You can easily play with the varying lengths of short dresses. Short dresses are defined as any dress that is shorter than a maxi dress. They can hover just below your bum or hang around your knees. Below are examples of different styles of short dresses and how you can wear them! · KNEE-LENGTH Knee-length dresses are perfect if you got fuller hips and if you like to keep both the top and bottom part of your body covered. For plain or basic colored dress, you can pair it with patterned or colorful pants to keep things interesting. If you are more a petite type, knee-length might overwhelm your petite height so it might be a style you want to avoid. · FULL SKIRT Short dresses have a more feminine shape and the skirt goes slightly out instead of being straight. Pair up your full-skirted dresses with a blazer for a slightly more formal look. This look is great for an office environment or work party, due to the elegant factor full skirt gives. You can also button up a short cardigan on top to make it look like you’re wearing a skirt (but with pants). That sums up why short dresses are a modest dressing girl’s favorite! They can be either dressed up or down, depending on how you wear them. Short dresses provide enough coverage without being a maxi dress, and are definitely longer than most regular tops. They also come in a variety of lengths and styles. Find all variety of styles and sizes of short dresses only at Carousell Malaysia. If you are limited on budget, worry not! You will definitely find good product with good prices and best quality.