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You can get all of your bicycles and cycling equipment only from Carousell. You can order the size or type of bike exactly you need. We have fancy freestyle bicycles and BMX to cruisers, mountain bikes or road bikes. If you choose mountain bike, you can control where your wee one goes with a push handle and keep that tiny bicycle from falling over with training wheels. Carousell not only provides bicycles for men, but we also have variety types of girls' bicycles with matching tassels and handlebar bags. We also have bikes for children that have chain guards to keep clothing from getting caught in the chain. If you are still learning how to ride a bicycle, try an adult tricycle: sporty enough for a teenager, but stable enough for granny. Low, but not slow, three wheeled reclining cruisers make riding so easy you will not be afraid to lose balance anymore. Carousell will help you to pursue your passion for cycling in comfort and safety when you stock up on cycling equipment. You can start off by ordering a quality bike from Hollandia, Cycle Force, or another trusted name brand. Whatever brand you choose, make sure to put safety a priority by selecting a sturdy, well-designed helmet, and knee guards before you hit the road or trail for your first ride. For adding more comfort to your biking experience, shop for bike shorts and shirts with breathable fabrics that help keep you cool, and choose fingerless gloves to enhance your grip. Make sure to choose essentials accessories such as a portable air pump and basic tools to handle unexpected roadside repairs. Nothing beats a long bicycle ride on a beautiful day, and with bike parts and accessories provided by Carousell, you can make sure you’ll be equipped for anything from a ride around the block to a trip across the state. Carousell has a new pair of grips from Schwinn and other top brands which can reduce the strain on your hands during rough trail rides, and a cushioned or memory foam seat cover that will makes long rides easy on your body. You can also upgrade your bike with a practical basket or side bag to make trips to the store without your car. Carousell provides bicycle lock from trusted brands such as Ventura, M-Wave, and other great brands. From spare parts to upgrades, Carousell has the bike parts and accessories you need to truly customize your ride. Protect yourself and your children from bicycle-related head injuries with a cycling helmet from Carousell. Helmets for casual bike riders that we have come in several sizes and colors including red, white, blue, yellow, and pink. Carousell provides children's cycle helmets with feature colorful designs such as space scenes, dancing animals, whimsical flowers, teddy bears, fish, and cartoon people. For freestyle cycling, Carousell provides a new and secondhand helmet with an adjustable ring system and hard outer shell. Brand such as Cycle Force has a reinforced microshell for added protection and six air vents to keep you cool while you ride. Brand such as Wigmam will prevent helmet hair and whisk away sweat. Choose new and secondhand Adult And Kids Bikes only at Carousell Before buying a bicycle for an adult or child, whether for yourself or someone you know, you have many things to consider. First, you need to considerate what type of bike to get; there are many different styles. We have different types of bike available including road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, comfort and hybrid bikes and even tricycles. Bikes are measured by wheel size and range between 12 and 32 inches, with children's bikes being on the low end of the scale and adults on the higher end. Below is a brief look at each type of bike: · Road bikes, sometimes known as road racing, endurance or time-trial bikes, are the kind of racing bikes that you commonly see in international road races. These bikes are the best suited for riding on sidewalks, streets and smooth paths. · Cruiser bikes possess large tires with comfortable seats and will allow riders to ride in comfort; many have no gears or one gear · Mountain bikes have rigid frames and forks, with more durable wheels and knobby tires. Makes it ideal for riding up and down hilly or uneven terrain with rocks or roots · Comfort and hybrid bikes has feature padded seats and upright handlebars and are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes · BMX bikes have large tires and sturdy frames that will make it easier for riders to perform stunts · Electric bikes surely has an electric motor that helps that assists the rider when pedaling; most come with a rechargeable battery · Fixed gear bikes commonly seen at racing events or tracks. These bikes typically have one gear, but the pedals must keep moving for the bike to roll · Folding bikes are commonly smaller than bikes that fold up, making them easier to bring along for traveling. They take up minimal storage space · Tandem bikes ideal for couple or friends who want to ride bike together, these bikes have longer frames and two seats to support two riders · Recumbent bikes come with two or three wheels and have long handlebars and seats with high backs. They allow riders to sit back and recline, and many have small front wheels · Tricycles usually use for kids and adults; and they have three wheels with a large seat. Adult versions often have a storage basket that fits behind the rider
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