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Weddings are one of the most important event in someone’s life. It wouldn’t be complete without a lovely wedding dress, and of course as we all know, it is the one the bride is looking forward to. It is because ladies are determine to look more beautiful on the day of their wedding. People usually searching for wedding gowns that match their personality and good thing that there is wedding dress and gown shops in Malaysia that can help you choose the wedding dress, evening gown and ROM dress to fit for the occasion. But some of them are probably too expensive or way out of your budget. Especially for traditional wedding gowns to the modern styled. Korean style has also gained quite some reputation recently. There is lots of choices on the internet as you surf the web for wedding dress or you may directly visit their shop located in Malaysia. By visiting the store directly, you can personally see if the material and the design suit you and if it is a perfect fit for you. But if you are tight in schedule or it’s too bothersome to visit the store one by one, you can always search it online. Even though some may indicate that there will be a slight difference in the color because of the photograph or the monitor setting, but shopping dress online is not a bad choice. Most of weding dress and gown shops in Malaysia offers custom made gowns. This will ensure that you will really have a gown that goes well for your personality. For those who have bigger budget, you may consult a stylist or a designer to make your wedding gown for you. You may also get involved with the design process so your gown will truly be personalized and so it will be made personally for you. If you have limited budget, these shops may also let you rent the gowns available. You just have to follow their terms and conditions and make sure that you return it on time or else certain penalties for delayed return may apply. If you wish to know more information and more samples for the bridal gown, you can visit the Wedding Dress & Gown Shops in Malaysia only at Carousell. At Carousell, you will also be able to utilize the store locator to see if there are any wedding dress stores near your location. There are plenty of vendors available in our listing, you just have to check their reviews and choose your favorite design that fit your budget. Buy and Rent Preloved Wedding Dress from the Best Fashion Designer Shopping for wedding dress can be daunting, tiring and also extremely confusing when you don’t know where to go, especially here in Malaysia. It’s time to put our attention to some of Malaysia’s extremely talented bridal designers, instead of buying something off the rack. Carousell compiled a list of 10 Malaysian bridal gown designers for you to check out. Not only you will get a dress that’s one of a kind, you’re also supporting homegrown talent. Whether you’re looking for modern, non-conventional wedding attire, or for a classy fusion of traditional and couture, these brilliant local designers are sure will meet your ideals. · Justin Yap Justin Yap designs are perfect for the modern bride. His best design involve folds, pleats or a plain flowy dress. Justin can give you what you need to walk down the aisle looking like a goddess. · Melinda Looi Ivory (bridal) Melinda Looi is a common name when it comes to Malaysian fashion, and you’ll be happy to know that she have bridal collection too! Here are the close up details for her embroidered gown with mixed laces and fabrics. · Celest Thoi Bridal Celest Thoi is another well-known name in the Malaysian wedding industry. She is one designer to check out if you’re doing gown-hunting. Browse her gowns will definitely help you to narrow down what you’d want to have in your own special piece. · Nurita Harith Nurita Harith design is always modern and subtly avant-garde. Her designs are sure to please the contemporary, trendy you. We love her bodycon piece that opens up into a soft and elegant mermaid flare. · Fizi Woo Their collection is always beautiful and eclectic. · Keith Kee Couture If you are looking for other gown that are not white dress? Look up for Keith Kee design that are different and totally you. · Jovian Mandagie His flair design will definitely make your look more grand will surely venturing into the haute couture scene. Its modern flair is what you deserve on your big day. · Beatrice Looi Couture If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, check out Beatrice Looi designs. · Charis Ching Who doesn’t fell in love with Charis Ching sweet little flower girl dresses? The designs is made to match the brides’ gowns. You can also enjoy an up-close and personal look at the embellishments on the dresses to really go into detail with your own dream gown. Carousell provides solutions for those of you who want to buy a quality wedding dress and provide the best price.
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