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Husni Yusoff




Bangi   ∙   Joined 2y 3m


Very Responsive



  out of 5  (39 Reviews)
  • amirloveheaven 16 days ago

    Recommended seller, easily to deal with, and very friendly👍🏻

  • harry1199 1 month ago

    Thanks Seller!

    1 bud..100 keping Rm1 zety runing no


  • lurimaservices 2 months ago

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Reveive in good condition. Reliable seller. Fast shipment. Thank you very much. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Visit our shop at

    Tanduk kambing gurun


  • azyr_honda 2 months ago

    Trusted seller...not the first time buying from the seller, insya'Allah not going to be the last one..highly recommended 👍👍👍👍👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Bekas besi untuk songkok


  • ruzzianti 3 months ago

    Trusted seller. Barang original vintage. Tq seller.

  • abang_ex5 3 months ago

    seller terbaik...servis 👍👍

    Plastik bag milo milk maid


  • shnan2312 4 months ago

    seller vintage yang baik,tak fussy ,abang ini jual harga berpatutan,memang baik dan terbaik.

    Jam meja Germany siap kunci


  • kissanotepi 5 months ago

    Good !

  • amirhamzahhj.1 5 months ago

    seller terbaik. understanding, selalu berurusan. ikhlas...timbangrasa. semoga dimurahkan rezeki

    5 biji pahat lama


  • amirhamzahhj.1 5 months ago

    friendly seller. very sincere and fast response.

    Sepasang Pin Jabatan


  • keyrull 5 months ago

    terbaik....boleh deal lagi bos

    Buku setem berserta 158 pcs setem


  • ameeratulaniqah 6 months ago

    seller ni sumpah baikkk. dia tolong carikan runner untuk saya walaupun dia busy and tengah MCO

    Kerusi jalur


  • amin5233 7 months ago

    Sangat senang berunding dgn penjual, harga pon senang tawar menawar,barang sampai dgn selamat dan nice packing

  • azyr_honda 7 months ago

    Very nice and trusted seller, highly recommended, nice doing business with him..👍👍👍

    2 biji Thermos sejuk everyday


  • azyr_honda 7 months ago

    Very nice and trusted seller, highly recommended, nice doing business with him..👍👍👍

    Mangkuk 9 inci england


  • herymahdanil 9 months ago

    Terbaik 👍

  • forevergunnerthierryhenry 10 months ago

    An impressive antique seller! Fast delivery and item received in good condition because the seller has taken an effort to pack it nicely. Moreover, the price is reasonable for rare items that offered will support again if there is any relevant item for collection.

  • ulike.ubuy 10 months ago

    Good seller regular customer

  • brotherhoodofroses 10 months ago

    Great, decent humble man, always awesome! ➖➖➖ Terimakasih Tuan, moga sejahtera dan tenang selalu... ☕🤝😊

  • misriyah911 10 months ago

    A trusted seller, fast respond and easy to deal with. thank you seller!