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Any Vehicle Listed Under MUHAMMAD SHAHIZAT RAMLEE 🆔sgscrapcar77

Subang Jaya
Asking for direct transfer deposit. No sembang kari parpu. Non-existent vehicle. Non-delivery 💯% 💸🔥 "Sitting in the bathroom, reading the book again, he became so involved in the story that his legs fell asleep. He kept reading, intending to get up at the end of this page, then at the end of this page, if only because he would feel more comfortable with his pants up and buttoned, but he read on. He rose finally at the end of a chapter, although he read a little into the next chapter before he made himself stop. His legs were buoyant with saws and needles as he buttoned up, and he had to hold a hand against the wall not to sway from balance. Then he checked the thickness of pages he had read between his fingers, and experienced something he had never experienced before. Some of it was pride—he was reading a book—and some of it was a preciousness the book had assumed. Feeling relaxed, unthreatened, he wanted to keep the book in his hands, for what it offered. He did not want to turn the pages, for then they would be gone and spent; nor did he want to do anything but turn the pages." Theodore Weesner, The Car Thief
11 months ago In Cars for Sale
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.

Listed by califragilisticexpialidocious

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2019 Apr

very very good and nice and friendly and fast response seller...tqvm