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BER1 Antique Brass Pot Periuk Tembaga 10 Inches Traditional Vintage Collection Decoration Antik




Kota Bharu



1 week ago

Code: Q110 Measurement: Height: 8 Inches Length: 10 Inches Weight: 2.8 kg CONDITION REPORT: -The top side of the pot have somes minor holes, but still can be use for cooking IMPORTANT (PLEASE READ BEFORE REPLYING) : WE HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN IN THE DISCRIPTION ABOUT THE MEASUREMENT ON THE ABOVE, PLEASE DO NOT ASK US AGAIN AND BELOW THIS IS WAYS TO WASH YOUR PAN. We’ve clearly mentioned that this item is USED (Barang terpakai) and condition as the above. PLEASE DON’T ASK US QUESTION LIKE: -Who is the previous owner? -Who used this before? -Where did we get? -How much did we pay for this? And any other wasting time questions We brought those items from dealers and walk-in sellers anytime anywhere with proper records. So buy with confidence! 3 WAYS TO WASH (CHOOSE ONE) USE BAKING SODA (SODIUM BICARBONATE) -Material/Tools: Baking Soda, Iron Brush, Water -Steps: a. Wet the pan and sprinkle 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda b. Take an iron brush and rub your pan. Do not water too much c. Continue rubbing until the black soot disappears d. Wash and rinse with water USE ASAM SLICES -Steps a. Scrab your pan till most of the black stains disappears b. Heat some amount of asam slices in a large pot until boiling (The pot need to be bigger then our pot) c. After boiling, do not take out the asam slices d. Put your wok in the boiled water and soak it overnight e. After leaving it overnight, take the pan out then use soap and an iron brush to scrub the remaining black stains on the pan. USE SABUN CAP BURUH Please have a look for my other items by searching “BER1”. If you’re interested to buy/ any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: +601110908828 (Call / WhatsApp) Payment Method: 1. COD within Kota Bharu area only. 2. Only accept online payment to MayBank account: BER1 ANTIQUE & DECO Return T&C: + Must contact seller within 3 DAYS (after item received). + Must ask for seller’s permission before returning to seller. + Return with reasonable reasons, or will not be entertained. + Refund postage will be paid by buyers, seller will not responsible for the fee. + Items must be sent back in original condition. Working Hour: Sat - Thur (Friday Off) 8.30am - 6.00pm (After Office Hour/ Holiday, seller might not answer call, please kindly drop your messages if any inquiries).


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BER1 Antique & Deco

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@myprelovedbabiesss26 days ago

Angeline is a very helpful and cute girl. Thanks for keeping on the persistency to follow with me if not I might just hold and forget about it ady😘 Received the items within 24 hours from Kelantan to seremban. Bravo! Will back again!

@happytogether992 months ago

Good seller. Thank you very much for the antique painting. 😊

@stevenanteo3 months ago

untrustworthy seller, accept my offer and even issue recipe. after I transferred money, he told me he has sold to someone else n refunded my money.

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Hi, is this still available?

Is the price negotiable?

Can I see more photos?