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Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Keychain 钢之炼金术师 钢炼 艾德 挂件

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READY STOCK 现货 💯% Authentic Japan Anime Merch 日版正版动漫周边 Bought from surrogate who lives in Japan 跟居住在日本的代购员买的 __________________________________________________________ - New (never used before) - Rubber keychain, its a very thick one - Good condition - Original price is higher than RM15, I already lowered the price I bought it from the blind fullmetal gatcha machine located in Japan Tokyo. Based on the Image4 that I found online, I think its a free gift for the ones who went to watch the FMA 2011 movie (Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos) screened in Japan. - 全新(没使用过) - 很厚的橡胶挂件 - 状态良好 - 原价高过 RM15,我已自行降价 这是我在日本东京的钢炼盲机扭蛋机扭出来的。 照着我上网找到的图4来看,这应该是去看钢炼 2011 电影(钢之炼金术师: 叹息之丘的圣星)的观众会拿到的小礼物。

1 week ago In J-pop
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