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How To Post Happily (Pos Laju 101)


Petaling Jaya



8 years ago

This post is dedicated on HOW to minimize the time, cost & energy to post/deliver using Pos Laju (aka Pos Laju 101) Pic.1:- - Recycle your previous pos laju packaged by turning it inside out. (Means when others post to you, you TREASURE fold bck those packages. Trim cut off the tops) - Remove the bubble wrap. - Also use whatever boxes/mags you have at home/office. Even cookie, medicine etc. the harder the better esp to protect those items:- bottles, skincare, makeup, sports items. - Paper from sales catalogues & magazines are better thn newspaper coz less dusty. Wrap it or crumple it for extra protection. The feel of your hand unwrapping is also diff. - Make a Checklist Note. Attach it inside the items. That way you can recall (all items intact) & when the buyer gets it can double check. Win Win situation for both. Pos Malaysia love it when all items wrapped up like a bubble wrapped, brick coz. they can stack to the vehicles easier & won't get tangled. Oh yeah use a cellotape to stick the consignment note to each parcel. CCTV the admin when they stick the note. Insist on "Fragile Sticker" for items e.g. glass, plastic - it is free & you have the right. Then you can give yourself a pat saying, you have done your best to ensure the items are well secured. USE BROWN CONSIGNMENT NOTE *If you want double security haha pay for insurance* Once done. Quickly snapshot the processed consignment note/receipt === Proof of Delivery. *Even if online system is down (aka Pos Laju Malaysia down, guna manual style) by 2nd day (24 hours) the record should be up. Coz. the HQ keeps the database. Take note:- Flood prone/monsoon, heavy rain may take up to 1-2 weeks to deliver. The item will be stored in the warehouse. For this case, buyers can call ask if can pick up from Depot/Centre or waiiiit for delivery. **Johor, Kelantan, Kedah & Terrenganu (if not mistaken):- Off Days - Friday & Saturday (sometimes Sunday too). For pic. 1 method. - Use consignment note: ** ORANGE COLOR *UPDATED TO BROWN FORM AS OF AUG 2015* (you can always request for more so can fill in at home/office) - This method charges are BASED ON weight. So usually small ones are RM5smthg (after Gst) Slightly bigger as long as below 500g are fixed price RM6smthg. Overall be prepared for each parcel RM8-10 (rough estimation) so don't make muka 10sen if not enough money. If u have all that ready usually u can cut queues straight drop off at the Pos Laju counter. Pic.2: Pos Laju PRABAYAR or Pos Laju Prepaid Big packets. Max weight 1kg. Inside comes with bubble wrap. S.Msia = RM10 Sabah & Srwk = RM13 Smaller package are S.Msia RM6 (near 7 after Gst) Sabah & Srwk RM9 (near 10) **Use: PURPLE COLOR consignment note. It means pre-paid, you have pay in advanced. This method is EVEN FASTER. Pos Malaysia are trained to spot customers with this. Coz everythg paid, just drop & rarely tht parcel are over weight so easy breezy for them. NOTE: DO NOT LOSE THE PURPLE CONSIGNMENT NOTE that comes with this package coz there is unique code on it. Each prepaid package comes with unique code on the PURPLE CONSIGNMENT note. 3) Pos Laju Flyers Pack Price: 50 small = RM6 Got medium & large pack. Overall price, depends on WEIGHT. The size is like our prabayar package but no bubble wrap. So you must wrap your own packaging inside extra security masuk into boxes make it strong durable like meriam buluh. These packages can only be purchased in packs. Means lump sum have to get whole packet. ** Use: ORANGE color consignment note. ** UPDATED 3.8.15. As of August 2015, effectively all ORANGE consignment note will be replaced with BROWN coloured ones. The updated form comes wth QR code mark. Bring your old ones to Pos Laju/Office to replace it ** The total cost will be upon the weight of the parcel itself. Will take a bit of time. ** Pos Laju Malaysia services are also available at:- MPH Mailboxes Exchange (they charge +RM1 as service fees) ** FOOD & SOAP - Seal + wrap with plastic + bubble wrap + box it. Why? 1) Smell (my friend's soap got chewed by rats in the warehouse before.. yup thru the plastic) So must sealed x3 make sure no smell lingering. Especially biscuit durian (phew.. pengsan posmen nanti) 2) Fragile - The Fragile sticker is granted usually for boxes & bubble wrapped like a brick. If you pack your Glass Perfume like McDonald's Apple Pie. Then don't expect they will give you the sticker & protection. Boxes can be purchase.over the counter BUT it usually cost over RM10-20 (after Gst + weight) DIRECT LINKS FOR REFERENCE:- 1) - for those running full time biz with loads of delivery & tools at home, you can print it at home & get yourself registered & arrange Pos Laju for pickup 2) - for all the packages types & price

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