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Voc Registeration for sg car

Kuala Lumpur
register your sg car .make it legal .make it safe. make it worth buying. WHAT IS VOC ? 👉 Vehicles Ownership Certificate 👉 Sijil Pemilikan Kenderaan HOW COME VOC WORKS FOR SG CAR ? ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL RIGHT ? 👉 then why confiscated vehicles custom can LEGALLY OTR then? did u notice that? 👉 jadi bagaimana kenderaan hasil lelongan kastam/jpj boleh digunakan secara sah selepas hasil lelongan? anda sedar atau bermimpi? HOW DO IT WORKS? 👉 register your vehicles by using your current chassis number without modified or lasered.if you already do so, forget about this page 👉daftarkan dengan menggunakan chassis kenderaan sedia ada tanpa usik atau laser chasis.sekiranya anda terlajak buat, maka lupakan terus iklan di page ini. HOW TO DO IT ? 👉 we are taking some private details about you and your car/bike 👉fullpayment of sum RM5000 - RM9000 depends on model, cc , year make , and other fees. 👉process took about at least 24 hrs to complete after payment received 👉puspakom inspection and insurance 👉drive happily with new voc and be legal user 👉kami ambil beberapa details peribadi tentang anda dan kenderaan/motorsikal anda 👉bayaran penuh harus dibuat untuk mulakan proses sekitar RM5000-RM9000 Bergantung pada model, cc engine, tahun diperbuat dan kos upah 👉sekurang- kurangnya 24 jam diperlukan untuk proses pendaftaran siap selepas pembayaran 👉urusan puspakom dan insurans 👉senyum dan memandu kenderaan sah di jlnraya. CAN I PAY THE SUM OF THE PAYMENT BY HAND, OR AT LEAST FACE TO FACE ? 👉ask u amma appa uncle untie mother father. 👉anda boleh jalan dulu.sudah tentu TAK BOLEH. CAN I TRUST U? HOW DO I KNOW IF YOU ARE SCAMMER? 👉then why u find me and ask this ask that end up spoil the entire business by negativity mindset? i dont want your money.other peoples will keep doing business with me😁 👉kenapa anda cari saya tanya itu ini dan akhirnya sembang kari dengan minda negative? saya tidak mahu duit ciput anda.orang lain tetap buat dengan saya tanpa masalah. REMARKS * DONT WASTE MY TIME BY ASKING UN-RELEVANT QUESTION * ONCE QUOTA/SLOT IS FULL THE ADV WILL BE DELETED FOR SAFETY REASON * IM JUST DOING HONEST BUSINESS HERE . PREVIOUSLY IM ALSO A USER,A SELLER, A BUYER. HAVING GOOD AND MOSTLY BAD TIME WHEN USING ILLEGAL SG CAR.RUN AWAY FROM BLOCK,KEEP EYES WATCHING FOR STUPID REPO INDIAN,AND MANY OTHERS ISSUE. *SERIOUS USER ARE MOST WELCOME TO PM ME. * HENGKY PENGKY - JOY USER - FUSSY BUYER - DETECTIVE CONAN PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE BEFORE I BLOCK AND BAD2 WORKS COME OUT FROM MY MOUTH.😁
1 year ago In Cars for Sale
Ask your seller for delivery. Stay safe at home.
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