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Ayer Keroh
I’m @chasingyuzu on Twitter! You can deal with me there or here! Hi exo-ls/m-eris!! 🌟elr’s Very Long selling thread🌟 🍒 Meet-up in KL only on 6/7 (taeyong’s cupsleeve events) 💓Photobooks are preferably for meet-ups only cause it’s so heavy the shipping will cost A Lot [refer to emojis for price] ❄️ RM15 ☂️ RM25 🎀RM 30 🍬RM 45 🍭RM 50 🍣RM 40 🍔RM 60 🤯 refer to list 1. Suzy x Baekhyun Dream album 🎀 2. IVY Club magazine 16th edition❄️ 3. Exodus Kyungsoo (gold) 🍣 4. Exodus Jongdae (silver)🍣 5. Exo M Mama China press album (jewel case) 🎀 6. Exo K Mama China press album (jewel case)🎀 7. Kyungsoo Cart OST album 🎀 8. Exo Lotto white ver 🍬 9. Exo exact white ver🍬 10. Exo Love Me Right korean ver 🍬 11. Exo Love Me Right chinese ver 🍬 12. Exo winter special album with Chanyeol postcard🍭 13. Kyungsoo My Youth photobook by suave island 🍭 14. Baekhyun’s spectrum photobook by B’spectra ❌❌❌RM75 (tebal gila,, pics are from exo’s debut showcase until baekchen’s iconic perf at immortal songs) 15. Exo OT11 Die Jungs photobook with dvd 🤯 RM100 16. Baekhyun Photobook Les Ombres by Exbaek (I don’t think the fansite exists anymore...) ☂️ 17. Exo nature republic catalogue❄️ 18. Luhan’s bday mini photobook with nature republic standee ☂️ 19. Exo k overdose album 🎀 20. Exo m overdose album🎀 21. Miracles in December M ver (with Kris snow globe)🍬 22. Miracles in December K ver (with Kai snow globe)🍬 23. W magazine Baekhyun cover (pages became slightly yellow because I didn’t keep it in a plastic cover 😭😭 but don’t worry abang baekhyun’s photos are still handsome)) 🎀 24. Exo’s First box (outbox +DVD only) 🤯RM90 25. Exo debut Mama album M ver🎀 26. Exo debut Mama album K ver🎀 27. Kyungsoo my youth dvd by suave island☂️ 28. Hey mama! Jongdae’s ver with his photocard (forgot to include in the pic 😭)🍬 29. Baekhyun’s b’spectra dvd (the track list panjang doh) 🍔 30. Exology Chapter 1 limited edition ver The Lost Planet (with map and dvd but not the photocards!) 🤯RM90 31. Exo Mama group photocards CHINA PRESS BUKAN KOREAN YA(I can give u the sleeve too if meet up) selling both for 🍬 IF SOLD WILL PUT ❌ NEXT TO ITEM
1 year ago In K-Wave
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💓Photobooks are preferably for meet-ups only cause it’s so heavy the shipping will cost A Lot ⚠️ pics are mine sebab tu cadar bilik I ✅ combine shipping 📦 postage Photocards/Postcards ✉️express drop - RM6 ✉️poslaju - WM RM8 | EM RM12 Albums ✉️Poslaju - WM RM8 | EM RM13 (1 album) - WM RM10 | EM RM16 (2 albums) - WM RM13 | EM RM20 (3 albums)

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2020 May

Items are in very good conditions! Seller is also very friendly and fast response. Very trustworthy and highly recommended!!