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Jaime Teh




Kuala Lumpur   ∙   Joined 3y 10m


Very Responsive

👉🏻1st PAY 1st Get👈🏻 ⛔️No Reserve, straight to Sold upon COD/full payment ❌No Nego. Price in line with condition Check When SELF COLLECT, can cancel b4 pay, after that NO Refund All prices are self collect @ OG Heights Condo -If Postage ask how $-



  out of 5  (105 Reviews)
  • thenoras 4 months ago

    great item.tq seller

    Embroidery Silky Dining Table Runner


  • hasilmega 5 months ago

    Nice seller.. Very please to deal with.. Recommended

    Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner with accessories, manual and box


  • ssinniah1 6 months ago

    Easy seller to deal with and was very communicative, thank you.

  • dianhanum92 9 months ago

    thankyou seller 🥰🥰 i like the free gift 🙏🏻😇😇

    Young Living 💯 ORIGINAL AromaGlide


    jaimeteh2000 9 months ago

    🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thanks Sis 💋

  • fezan30 9 months ago

    The best seller is easy to deal with, and good packaging

    Young Living 💯 ORIGINAL AromaGlide


  • aidazainal_ 9 months ago

    Easy to deal with. It so great to actually have a chit chat before buying electronic devices. Overall the seller is so nice and recommended to buy things from her 👍🏼

    DeLonghi Expresso Machine


    jaimeteh2000 9 months ago

    You are the best Aida! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • harkatamang116 10 months ago

    awesom, seller, nice to deal . FIVE STAR🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    2 in 1 - Stainless steel needle meat tenderiser with Tenderise Hammer at each side


    jaimeteh2000 10 months ago

    It was my pleasure! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • syaizni 10 months ago

    Such a great personality..I love how passionate she is with what she was doing.. it's nice sometimes to meet a nice person, a seller that is so friendly, kind and mostly honest with what she's doing in her life.. I wish you all the best, be a good mother and keep continuing great things that you do ❤️☺️👌🏼

    jaimeteh2000 10 months ago

    You are always so kind in your words! I’m glad we met in Carousell

  • 5y4zw4n 10 months ago

    good quality item, considerate seller, easy to communicate. definitely trustworthy! thanks a lot

    jaimeteh2000 10 months ago

    🙏🏻 TQ ! The pleasure was mine.

  • azuddinafiq 11 months ago

    very good

    Pineng Wireless Powerbank PN-886 Black


  • yusoff.talib 1 year ago

    Nice & pleasant seller. Surely will deal again. Thanks.

  • wifefirdaus 1 year ago

    harga paling rendah

    Parker Pen Ball Point


    jaimeteh2000 1 year ago


  • wifefirdaus 1 year ago

    penghantaran cpt tq

    Lego Duplo


    jaimeteh2000 1 year ago

    Tq for buying from me dear 🙏🏻

  • syamilwaifaiiy 1 year ago

    Selling fake item even its stated authentic or ori whatsoever ...but the refund process went well .. good deal ....sorry but can’t give you high rate review

    jaimeteh2000 1 year ago

    Tq fo comments. To be fair to me I need to state that I bought this from factory outlet at Bandung so it’s Authentic to me. Quality of factory outlet I must say is not as good as boutique. I sold it to another buyer COD. I told him to come see for himself as I told him someone said it was not authentic. He bought it. In future I wld not say any of my items is authentic anyway even if I hv receipt from shop. I will only sell to COD and ask them to make the decision if it is original to them.

  • dengstores 1 year ago

    Great seller 👍👍👍 Highly Recommended.

  • aniseel10 1 year ago

    Great seller to deal with.neatly wrapped.highly recommended to do business with. Thumbs up to u👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • ecmascripts 1 year ago

    very nice lady to deal with.. So courteous on helping me out bring this sofa down to our car(very strong hihi). Recommended ya’ll .. kind is the words..

  • blaz3d 1 year ago

    Great seller to deal with🤩🤩🤩neatly wrapped & super fast service🤗🤗🤗tqvm

  • just.nego 1 year ago

    Seller very friendly n kind . 🤩

  • mancino443 1 year ago

    very friendly seller..great to deal with!