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Ahmad Khaliq Mohamed




Kajang   ∙   Joined 3y 30d


Very Responsive



  out of 5  (36 Reviews)
  • presslybrooks 13 days ago

    Condition of the item is different from the prescription..

    khaliqmohamed 13 days ago

    Hahaha hello.kau beli brng second dri aku pn hrga murah giler,pastu kau expect brng tu lawa like new?nk lawa like new bro pergi ke butik la ye.msa urusan jualbeli pn,kau takda pla tnya kondisi cmne lwa ke x apa,mai trus bankin je.pastu nk komplain brng aku nmpk tua la,wrna lari la dri asal.bnda dah usia sthun,kau expect wrna tu sma lagi ke ngn yg asal bru?aiyaaaa

  • tun_m 25 days ago

    Second time beli dari brother ni.. Servis mmg terbaik and item mmg tip top. Peramah and honest seller.. Highly recommended!!!

    khaliqmohamed 25 days ago

    Tq bos😍😍😍🥰🥰😋

  • al_aminnnnnn 1 month ago

    Trusted sangat seller ni. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Newset Apple watch series 6 44mm gps blue n black


    khaliqmohamed 25 days ago

    Tq bosku 😍😍😍🥰🥰😛😛😛

  • amirudd.x 1 month ago

    Very fast reply . Easy to deal item also in good condition&good price. Tq seller 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Apple pencil 1 generation fullset


  • zonewoes 1 month ago

    Great buyer! Highly recommend!

    Apple watch series 6 44mm Gps fullset warranty


  • azaharimuhd 2 months ago


  • prelovedbyshhrskr 3 months ago

    Penghantaran yg cepat dan komunikasi yg bagus. sgt senang utk berurusan dgn seller ni. Highly recommend 👍🏻

    Dior Paper Bag


    khaliqmohamed 3 months ago

    Tq bos.sya jual ye.

  • zzmkl97 4 months ago


  • yent_yent 4 months ago

    Fast and decisive buyer. Pleasant transaction. Hope to deal with you again 🙂

  • stiiiffstyle 5 months ago

    speedy reply and friendly too.. hope to deal with u again 😊

    Louis Vuitton paperbag


    khaliqmohamed 5 months ago


  • mr.az92 5 months ago

    Great seller to deal with. Fast response & easy to communicate. Thank you 🤩

    Gucci Paper Bag + Box (original)


    khaliqmohamed 5 months ago


  • hayzaad 5 months ago

    This is the second time i buy from this kindhearted person. He all the way from kajang came to my house to make sure all the things smoothly in my hands. Really recommended! Trust me you’ll feel safe to deal with this man. Thank-you bro!🙏🙏🙏

    Airpod pro


    khaliqmohamed 5 months ago

    Tq bos.

  • ma2099 6 months ago

    The seller is very good and honest person. The item is in good condition with very very very reasonable price. The seller also give free accessories. I feel like I catch a big fish today 😄. 5 stars

    Apple watch series 6 44mm gps blue fullset warranty


    khaliqmohamed 6 months ago

    Tq bos.

  • matfiq04 6 months ago

    Item dalam keadaan sgt baik..thumbs up seller..boleh nego tempat COD..

    Apple watch series 6 40mm GPS grey fullset warranty


    khaliqmohamed 6 months ago

    Tq bos

  • ahseng23 6 months ago

    Offered but no respond after 3-4 days 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • abu1623 6 months ago

    a very recommended seller..thanks again sir

    Rexy and carriage t shirt original coach


    khaliqmohamed 6 months ago

    Tq so much

  • cobrvan 7 months ago


  • annaprelovedcollections 7 months ago

    Joy buyer joy buyer make offer then cancel make sure berfikir sebelum nak offer , u cakp u susah klu beli barang online and why u jual barang online if u susah and tidak percaya, i hope u understand u also seller okey tq bad seller

    khaliqmohamed 6 months ago

    Hahaha,camne i nk deal ngn akaun yg suspended cam u ni ye?awl2 la carousle dah bagy amaran yg mybe akaun u ni xbtul n scammer.kjp brng ada bnyj dijual n kjp xada brng yg dijual dlm akaun u.sorry la.i mmmg make offer p i ingt leh cod jmpa trus.i xsuka mnunggu disebabkn postage.tu je.ok.

  • foonglive 7 months ago

    Wonderful buyer, thanks for understanding MCO situation

  • grotto_otto 7 months ago

    Sincere buyer. Quick payment. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻