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Sarikei   ∙   Joined 4y 10m


Very Responsive



  out of 5  (31 Reviews)
  • myojinlord 7 days ago

    A very fast, trusted and responsive seller! Easy 5star seller

  • ethanqrdunn 11 days ago

    smooth transaction and no worries :D Would highly recommend for anyone

    Genshin Impact AR 53 Ganyu+Harp, VentiC1, Zhongli, Klee+lost prayer, Diluc


  • amirjk 15 days ago

    Fast transaction and quick reply. Recommended

  • wht0205 19 days ago

    nice seller very patient

  • zero0211 22 days ago

    Very responsive seller. Trusted 👍

    Genshin Impact Acc AR 42 4k Primo Yoimiya+harp, Diluc+wgs, Ayaka, Jean+skyward Blade


  • mrmiracle 25 days ago

    Fast and quick at replies! Easy going and transaction was smooth.

  • symhd 27 days ago

    Fast and great service from the seller. The process went smoothly and totally recommended 😊👍🏻👍🏻

    Genshin Impact Acc AR 57 Ayaka+mist, Ganyu+Amos, Eula+WGS, Kazuha+skywardBlade, Hutao, Klee, KeqingC1, Mona+atlas, DIluc, Qiqi


  • amir1028 1 month ago

    Seller reply fast and responsive, Item that I have received is the same as shown on the picture

  • caeq_ 1 month ago

    great seller,no worries legitttt

    Genshin Impact Account AR 56 13x5* Xiao+PJS, Ganyu+Harp, Ayaka, KeqingC1, DilucC1, Venti, Albedo, Qiqi, skyward Blade


  • quanggens 1 month ago

    Trusted seller and fast deal.

    Genshin Impact Account AR 50 Hutao+Homa, Ayaka+mist cutter, keqing


  • imanazamii 2 months ago

    Trusted & fast response!

    Genshin Impact Account AR 46 Xiao+homa, KeqingC1, Klee, Jean, Mona


  • aiman_shamsuddin2002 2 months ago

    LEGIT. TRUSTED SELLER. Buy account from him. No need to worry. He is very nice and fast reply. Thank you seller☺️

    Genshin Impact Account AR 55 Ganyu+harp, Keqing+mistcutter, venti, klee, jean


  • aidilim11 2 months ago


  • khenmeng97 2 months ago

    Nice and fast

  • mr_troll90 2 months ago


  • 420blaze 2 months ago

    Good deal

    Genshin Impact Account AR55 7 crown ZhongliC1+PJS, Eula/Diluc+WGS, Childe+Harp, Keqing+2x Auila, QiqiC1, NingguangC6+MOD


  • kings96 2 months ago

    Great seller to deal with!

    Genshin Account AR 56 Ganyu, Zhongli+PJS, Diluc C1 +2x WGS, Albedo, Childe, klee, keqing, Sure EB 62/90


  • baizhububupharmacy 2 months ago

    very good seller, highly recommend ! will tell everything from 1-100 if u ask nicely.

    Genshin Impact Account AR 55 Xiao+PJS/Homa, Jean+Aquila, Albedo, Diluc, Tartaglia, Klee, QiqiC1, Mona


  • sit_yeet 3 months ago

    I am happy with this patience and polite as well:D

    Genshin Impact Well trained account (EB 75/90) AR 55 Ganyu+amos, Keqing+Aquila, ChildeC1+RustR3, Jean, Skyward PrideR2


  • soundt0wnxv 3 months ago

    Great seller 👍Fast response 👍 totally satisfied with the acc.

    Genshin Impact Account AR 56 (9k primo!!!, soft pity EB 35) keqing+aqula, zhongli, tartaglia, albedo, klee, qiqi