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To audiophiles and online shoppers who love good music, you'll need a good pair of earphones or stereo equipment like speakers to enjoy the complete experience truly. Carousell provides you with just that. Browse through a collection of used audio equipment online from our Carousell community. You can buy electronics online on our marketplace, and at a lower price as compared to retail. The Carousell community sells second hand audio equipment such as a headset, an earpiece or earphones, computer speakers, portable speakers or Bluetooth speakers, soundbars and home theatre systems. Whichever your preference might be in audio electronics, you can find them on Carousell! Music is increasingly enjoyed on the go and to do that; you'll need it to be portable. Without an earpiece, earbuds, headphones or earphones, it's impossible. The Carousell community sells favourite brands for the everyday listener and music enthusiasts. Audio brands like Bose earphones, Shure earphones, Audio Technica headphones, AKG earphones, Skullcandy earphones, Marshall headphones, SONY earphones, JBL earphones, Jabra and more. With the trend showing that mobile phones will come without a 3.5mm jack, people are turning to wireless earphones, Bluetooth headphones and headsets, and even wireless earbuds. You can buy these wireless and Bluetooth options on Carousell too! If you're strictly Team Apple or Team Samsung, the community also sells their used Apple Earpods, Apple earpiece and Samsung earpiece. If you're in the market for home theatre systems or speakers to amplify the listening experience at home, Carousell has you covered. Home theatre systems are popular among families who enjoy watching movies together or audiophiles who appreciate the best quality sound for listening pleasure. Soundbars and portable speakers are increasingly popular these days. The name brands for soundbars you can find on Carousell are Bose soundbar, Sonos soundbar, JBL soundbar, Phillips soundbar, Samsung soundbar and SONY soundbar. The more prominent speakers are Sennheiser speakers, Klipsch speakers, JBL speakers and Marshall speakers. You can also find brands like Bang and Olufsen or classics like JVC on Carousell.

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