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Carousell offers a gorgeous selection of Hijabi clothing that channels effortless elegance and style, as well as taking care of your modesty. Carousell believe that anyone can look stunning in his or her traditional wear. Our endless hijab collection is made from high-quality fabric - chiffon, satin and jersey. Fabric that surrounds our collection is silky, soft, and keeps you cools in the sweltering hot weather. If you more ‘simplicity is key’ kind of person, you can go for the solid colored hijabs which are versatile and comfortable, and go well with printed outfits. You can choose embellished hijabs with studs, sequins, beads or embroidered motifs if you wanted an added touch of sparkle. If you try to look sophisticated and regal in a red, try to mix a fishtail embellished baju kurung with gold trimmings that accentuates your body perfectly and gives you a lovely silhouette. Carousell have various Shaliha printed baju kurung that come in a spectrum of lively colors to exude energetic and positive vibes. If you want to go little bit feminine with modern touch, choose peplum style, which is a perfect fusion of traditional heritage and western influence. Get spoiled by browsing our extensive abaya and jilbab collection, only at Carousell Malaysia. Feel a little bit girly? Try wearing a lace abaya to give off an exquisite feel, or try to wear a fanciful colourful printed abaya to give an absolute feel of elegance. For all Muslimah mums, Carousell offers matching kurungs for you and your beloved daughter to express your tender shared mother-daughter bond, and it will be absolutely cute! Choose your Muslimah clothing and create your perfect outfit here at Carousell today! Our website provides a wide range of local and international brands, including Adwa Adiva, Aqeela Muslimah, Enterprise, La Hijabelle and Luni collection that are committed to transform your looks as a alluring and mesmerizing Muslimah. Lots to discover when you shop with Carousell - so start shopping now! Shop Muslimah Wear Online On Carousell Malaysia Interested in fashion? Yet still want to look modest at the same time? Look no further! Carousell provides various styles for modern Muslimah, from skirts to pants; you can find them, new or second hand, with the uniqueness of Muslimah style. Several most popular pieces of Muslimah Fashion are “jubah dress muslimah”, headcovers, “telekung” or the “baju kurung” have been revamped to suit the modern Muslimah’s tastes and style. You can keep up with the latest Muslimah Fashion by browsing our website or reading reviews all over the web. Women are always looking for an affordable price wherever we can find it and almost everyone has been searching for “affordable muslimah dress” online lately. There are many places on the web you can find affordable muslimah dresses, but Carousell is one of the most comprehensive places on the web for second hand and new item especially for Muslimah Dresses and Muslimah Fashion online. From jubah dress muslimah to headscarves, Carousell Malaysia has it all and at the best prices you can find! There are some things you must consider before purchasing dress muslimah online, one of the many is whether you are willing to wait. Compared to in-store products that you can immediately take home, for online item, you need to stay a little bit longer in order to get the best price. Moreover, Carousell products are cheaper than their in-store counterparts and have an equal quality with the in-store products. Lastly, when you shop online, you are spoiled for choice, especially for muslimah fashion. Buy Trendy Muslim Wear With Great Price In Malaysia, the fashion scene has changed dynamically. We can see the changes especially in muslimah’s fashion and the rise of hijabi in trending among Malaysian. As muslimah, they need to fulfill their faith but somehow they managed to dress beautifully as a muslimah in their traditional look. Spoilt your eyes with our stunning collection of muslimah attire on our online boutique. Our latest collection will be perfect for every special occasion such as wedding, formal dinner and even to work. Women are now able to look elegantly professional at work by wearing muslimah office attire with a pair of nice shoes and a statement handbag. You can always transform a dull style to glamorous look by matching muslimah long dress with the perfect hijab, luxurious handbag and some jewellery to complete a perfect outfit. Spice up your choice of muslimah maxi dresses for a formal dinner with confidence and dazzed everyone with your personality. Browse through the Muslim wear online collection from various top brands only at Carousell Malaysia! Carousell possess a huge selection of Baju Kurung Pahang, kaftan, baju kurung modern, and jubah for women with the most affordable prices! Carousell offer a generous range of jubah modern and Jubah Dress. Find your favourite jubah, tudung, kaftans, Muslimah dresses, and hijab pin only at Carousell Malaysia!
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