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Some of us grow up with a plain beautiful hair; long, shiny, and with volume. But others might not. Whatever your hair condition and texture is, we should think it is enough with just using shampoo and conditioner every day. Our hair needs to be taken care of. In order to have healthy hair, we should provide it the nutrition it needs. It is not about eating some kind of food to create healthy hair; hair care is a must! Everyone should make it their habit to treat their hair once or twice a week. You are giving the needed vitamins and minerals to your hair by doing this, and restore its healthy state. It is so affordable that everyone can do it. You have a lot of hair care products that range from: restoring damaged hair, adding volume to limp hair, shining dull hair, and many more. Purchase your hair care treatment now. If you want your hair to look best and be its healthiest, you have come to the right place to buy the right tools! Apart from picking the best shampoos and conditioners, you will also require a curling iron, hair dryer, rollers, and many more depending on your needs. If you are in need of something more specific such as hair extensions and wigs or hair coloring products, Carousell provide a huge selection of them. Browse our wide catalog of hair care products online to give your hair the best look. A good conditioner, for example, it the most essential product for healthy hair. Look for a product made for you hair type here on Carousell. Whether you are looking for the prices of hair care products in Malaysia or buying hair care products in Malaysia online, you will find both criteria here on Carousell Malaysia, where you will find the most affordable hair care products in Malaysia! Keep Your Hair Healthy With The Best Hair Care Products There are so many products available to help you maintain and have a healthy head of hear, both for men and women. For example, conditioners, shampoo, cutting and styling tools, hair brushes, all help to to keep your hair look good each day. With our high quality and best prices here on Carousell, you will find everything including natural products, and get more of what you need while you pay for less. Here is a guidance to what you need. Shampoos There is a shampoo for every type of hair. There are shampoos designed for men’s, women’s and also children’s hair. Some shampoos improve specific hair conditions such as dandruff, frizzy, or oily hair. If you have damaged hair, there are hydrating shampoos that will reverse the damage. Shampoos designed to add volume will aid and protect fine and thin hair. Conditioners Conditioners maintain various types of hair. Say, if you have colored hair, it is best to use a conditioner that helps maintain the color and retain the color treatment. All types of hair will benefit from the right conditioner, including thick, curly, long, frizzy, dry, straight, oily, or fine hair. Some conditioners need to be massaged into your hair and be rinsed out. Some need to be massaged and left in. Some require you to leave them in overnight. On Carousell, we have every type of conditioner for your hair. Hair coloring products The two most common reasons when you are choosing hair coloring products are wanting to change the color and addressing a specific issue such as covering up some gray hair or creating highlights. Some hair coloring could be gender specific or even age specific, however, most people can generally use any type of hair coloring. On Carousell, some hair coloring are really easy to use and you just need to brush the color or lather it just like you are using shampoo. Styling products Hair dryer is the most important tool when it comes to styling the hair. These devices will allow you to dry your hair after a shower, and style it when you want to. Using hair dryers will reduce the time that it takes to dry your hair conventionally. On Carousell, we have many types of hair dryers, some run on 1,875 watts, some fewer than 1,000 watts, and some more than 2,000 watts. We also provide bonnet-style hair dryers that cover you head if you want to have the salon-like feeling. Other hair care products With a good hair brush or comb, styling your hair in any kind of style you want will be much easier. You can use brush or comb to smooth your hair out and remove the tangles. Some types of the brushes include natural bristle, synthetic bristle, or mixed bristle that are either vented, paddled, teasing, round, or wet brushes. For long hair, it is better to buy Carousell’s bristle brushes. Synthetic and mixed bristle brushes, on the other hand, do not create as much static as the natural ones. If you want a shiny look, try our natural bristle brushes which are soft and help spread the natural oils of your hair throughout it. When you are doing a blowout on your hair, paddle brushes which are flat and wide will work well. Vented brushes, for example, increase airflow in your hair and help you decrease the drying time even more. If you want to add extra volume, buy our round brushes that also work well when you are doing a blowout. If you want to tease the ends of your hair in various styles and create more volume, use our teasing brushes. Rattail combs, on the other hand, make it easy for you to separate hair for braids and other styles. When your hair is wet, use wide-tooth combs instead, to comb easily and reduce breakage.

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