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Being an interior designer can be a very profitable career, and there is a reason behind that. It is a gift to have the ability to transform empty spaces in people’s home into unique spaces that people love and awe visitors. If you would like to have a well-designed home but do not go to the professional decorator, there is still a way to enable you to create a lovely space that shows your personal taste and also represents you and your family. Here on Carousell we make it easier for you to find the right home décor. Create your own showplace how you want it, and we help you do so while at the same time save your money as well with our reasonable prices for new or preloved décor items! A great step to start is by looking for the right type of accents for your home. Then, find a carefully curated door since it is an important start in transforming your home. You will need to find variations of décor items to match your interior design style. Curtain and Window Treatments The right piece of curtain and window treatments will truly create an ambience to the room, be it bedroom or living room. Apart from looking good, your curtains and window treatments have to be functional. Curtains and drapes will add color and style to a room, and also showcase your home’s windows. These items are available in various colors and materials, such as linen, rayon, cotton, satin, silk, and some fabric blends. Choose curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor in order to create an illusion of higher ceilings, or you can choose those slightly larger than the windows to create a crisper look, or if you have pets or children at home that shouldn’t play with long curtains. You will need to know the length and width of the curtains or drapes that you need, and whether you want any tiebacks or certain properties such as energy efficiency or odor neutralizing items. The other common items for windows are blinds and shades. Blinds are used to control how much light you want to come through the windows, and you can also adjust them during the time of the day. Shades are usually made of wood, synthetic wood, or wood composite. However, there are also ones that are made of vinyl, bamboo, or metal. Shades also work in conjunction with drapes. They are ideal for keeping the lights out on hot days. They can also go inside the window frame. You can choose cordless shades if you don’t want any dangling cords. Just pull it down or raise it with a quick tug. As for blinds, they usually rest in the window frame. Therefore, you need to know the length and width of the window frame before purchasing any, and also to decide if you want horizontal or vertical blinds. Lighting and light fixtures There are some options for lighting, which include permanent fixtures like wall fixtures, overhead lighting, or ceiling fan lights, and portable lights such as lamps that you can place anywhere. These range from table lamps to floor lamps. For permanent ceiling fixtures, you can choose depending on the style you want to match. For a more traditional style, select chandeliers or pendant lighting. If you prefer a more modern touch, flush or dome mount lighting or track lighting are good choices. Chandeliers would look good above your dining table, or in your hall and entryway. A lot of permanent fixtures let you control how much light you want to put out by using a dimmer switch that you can add. There are also ceiling fans with added lights that serve double purpose and let you run the fans without the lights, or both fans and lights at the same time. Ceiling fans could also help your heating and cooling system in your home more efficiently, so that you will save more money on your bills. Lamps usually have more decorative pieces and are available in many style schemes. Table lamps usually have more modern pieces with metal, such as stainless steel or brushed nickel. Traditional looking table lamps are usually made of ceramic or wood. Table lamps usually come with lampshades, and add extra color to the room. Floor lamps, on the other hand, blend into the background of your room. You can place one in a corner or mix match lamps for your room. Choose from our lamps collection in sets. Rugs If your floor is made of hardwood or vinyl, it is functional and stylish to use a throw rug or an area rug. Area rugs are available here on Carousell with unique colors and designs that set off your room. Use these rugs to cover bare areas on your floor, or high traffic areas, or even under furniture like coffee tables and dining tables to add stability and also protect your floor. Purchase some accent rugs and runners on Carousell to cover some areas of your floor, and at the same time to comfort your feet. Other Decorative Items Wall décor and artwork will transform dull plain wall into colorfully alive wall. On Carousell we offer canvas wall art, framed wall art such as paintings and sketches, and wall decals. Add your family portraits and framed pictures to personalize your wall spaces. Mirrors are another option to make your room appear larger. If you feel that your sofa and armchair are quite dull, you might need to add some colorful throws or decorative pillows to make them lively. These pillows also serve a dual function, offering more comfort to your evening TV time while also decorating your living room. Here on Carousell Malaysia, we have pillows available in many sizes, with mostly square, rectangle, or round shapes. There are a wide variety of designs and colors such as floral, stripes, animal, and graphic prints. Choose what you like on Carousell!

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